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19th July 2010

saturnia6:35pm: Rare Beth Ditto issue
I'm passing along my copy of On Our Backs featuring an interview and hot pictorial with Beth!

Let me know you saw it here and I'll give you free shipping

1st July 2007

ellyodd6:08am: Copenhagen June 28 2007
Went to the gig in Copenhagen Thursday. Amazing. It was a pretty small venue so we got really close and eh, stuff. The trio sat in the hall when we arrived, but I didn't want to bother them. So I just smiled when they walked backstage. Robots in Disguise warmed us up. The Gossip didn't even play for a full hour, maybe like 55 minutes, too bad. Oh well. Beth apparently decided she wanted to dance with me during "standing in the way of control", fantastic. Arms over the shoulder and everything, hehe. I got some great pictures. Here's a link to some of them.

30th June 2007

anesthetics6:09pm: I went to the True Colors Tour last night and the Gossip wasn't there. So I got home and looked at the True Colors website figuring I must have made some mistake, but no. They were listed as one of the bands that is on the whole tour. Then I went to the gossip's website and they aren't even in the country. I'm annoyed right now. Jeffree Starr was supposed to be there and wasn't either, but I don't really care about that.
Current Mood: disappointed

1st July 2007

sinisterfoxy10:18am: standing in the way of control extra
hey there.

i recently bought the gossips 'standing in the way of control'
and boy am i impressed.

and it came with a bonus disc with two songs on it.
does anyone know the titles of the songs?

i looked on their last.fm & their website but it didn't mention any bonus discs or extra track titles. can someone please help me? thank you!
Current Mood: weird

27th May 2007

nightschool1:40am: New Listen Up!
Here's Gossip's new video for the new version of Listen Up! Very disco-y. I like.

18th May 2007

_squire_9:43am: I saw the Gossip play in Camden on Wednesday. Here are some videos. They aren't amazing as I was right at the back.

11th April 2007

rubyfruitradio8:04pm: Rubyfruit Radio: indig.girls.music
Rubyfruit Radio is a free podcast (you don't need an ipod to listen) that features the best in female indie artists. Past artists featured on the show include Melissa Ferrick, Amy Ray, Edie Carey, Rilo Kiley, Kristen Hersh, The Gossip, Sleater Kinney, Ani Difranco, Catie Curtis, Dar Williams and many, many more.

Check it out at rubyfruitradio.com or better yet, subscribe for free using iTunes so you never miss an episode.

1st April 2007

rose_kolodny12:13pm: Diva
Beth Ditto is also on the cover of this month's Diva magazine and there is an article on her in it.

(Diva is a magazine aimed at ladies who may or may not exclusively like other ladies and I'm a bit surprised that it's taken them this long to get interested in Gossip given that it has a greater proportion of lesbians than most other popular music acts...)

28th March 2007

rose_kolodny10:56pm: The heat is on apparently...
I couldn't help but notice that Beth Ditto is on the cover of heat magazine today, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Something to do with being fat and proud (er... weren't they slagging fatties in the last issue or was that New/Star/Rumour/Crap/Whatever magazine?).

20th March 2007

rose_kolodny10:58pm: Gossip BBC Sessions
Kudos here to my boyfriend for pointing this out to me.

Gossip do a session at the BBC's Hub with Gideon Coe. Here's a link

There are some pictures and you can watch the video of the event. They played Dark Lines and Are You That Somebody.
Current Mood: jubilant

16th March 2007

ellyodd11:19pm: Videos
Hey. I'm new to The Gossip, haven't heard of them until recently, the whole Kate Moss thing. So I guess I'm just a follower of the mass, hehe. Their music is nowhere to be found in Denmark, no one knows them. I love the stuff I've heard so far. I work for a Danish music magazine, I'm sooo writing an article about them.

Found links to these videos in this community and uploaded them to YouTube. What is the song in the first video called?

15th March 2007

hannastar11:12pm: Not totally Gossip-related...
... I hope that's ok. I reckon they'd approve.

I'm currently driving myself mildly insane trying to edit a fanzine to accompany my local Ladyfest (www.ladyfestcambridge.co.uk). Many of the articles are turning out kinda gloomy, more on the side of the bad aspects of the music industry and local music scenes; so I wanted to try and bring a bit more joy into the situation, cos, afterall, these things are meant to be fun.

(The Gossip actually played Cambridge Ladyfest a few years ago. I was away. That was not fun.)

SO, here is an open question to all female-identifying readers of this community, and I'd be really grateful if some of you would like to share your thoughts:

What's the best thing about being a girl in a music scene?

Sorry to anyone who sees a message very similar to this in some other communities. That's probably your fault for being too riot grrl ;)

Thanks again!

Current Mood: busy
rose_kolodny10:01pm: Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
Kudos here to my work chum Chris for mentioning that Gossip had been "in the papers" recently. Clearly Chris reads better papers than me.

What the chuff is all the fuss about? Topshop wanted Gossip to perform some gigs in store and Beth Ditto has say nay because they don't stock clothes that fit her.

You can read about this here

I bet this makes the people who thought up the promotion feel more than a tad silly.

People are blogging about what Topshop wanted to achieve here and asking if Topshop are wanting to court a better relationship with the fat pound. No, they're courting the cool pound, as always. If a rhinestone covered turd was the darling of the ubercool in-crowd Topshop would want it to model their skinny bootcut jeans!
Current Mood: amused

9th March 2007

dizturbed_868:29am: Gossip myspace
Good morning!

Last night..well, early this morning I was talking to my mate about Gossip(again!) and I was saying there aren't really any fan sites...there probably is, I just can't find them!(retard!)
So, after a bit of banter, I decided to make a myspace! It's a bit basic, some may say it's a bit a shit..but, it's the thought that counts!

It's got reviews I've been too, some photots I've taken and news too. If anyone wants their own reviews or whatever going on there- then feel free to send it to me and I'll put it up there.

Add that shiz!
Tell your family and friends! Anyone!

Olivia xxxxx
dizturbed_863:12pm: HMV signing/performance!
Who went to the signing/performance last night in London?
Fourth time seeing this lovely band, but to actually meet them was fantastic!
I handed Beth a load of reviews I've written about them for uni, and I got a bunch of stuff signed.
I really wanted to steal Hannah's hat and Nathan's glassed ;)

I thought they were only going to do one song, but luckily they did a nice mini gig..for free!
I was a little "pissed off" that a large amount of people only sang to one song...I bloody loved it when they did 'Yesterday's News.'

Olivia x

4th March 2007

rose_kolodny10:50pm: Competition
This was on MSN when I logged out of hotmail.

You can win tickets to (The) Gossip in New York here.

I can't enter as I have Bastard Evil Final Exams. :(

3rd March 2007

sk1bt1:54am: Beth Ditto & Jarvis Cocker - Temptation

this was at the NME awards. beth was nominated for sexiest woman but kate moss won. imagine that. eyeroll.
Current Mood: blah

2nd March 2007

nightschool7:25pm: on the cover of NME!
our babies are all grown up!

1st March 2007

nightschool5:49pm: gossip website.
Has anyone seen the Gossip's European website? (www.gossipyouth.co.uk) it's AMAZING. Every article that has ever been written about them in Europe is there. Way better than the U.S. one.

25th February 2007


Click the picture for my full set from the Gossip at the London Astoria tonight.

6th February 2007

butterflyburn2:02pm: So the gossip are all big and famous now??

I came 3rd in an e4 animation competition and they use 'standing in the way of control' in the ad. I got my goody bag today and it had a free copy of the album!!! I wasnt expecting to get something GOOD in there. Im quite pleased as I cant afford to buy albums. I havent listened to it yet. I OWN A CD!

(its for that crappy new show Skins - you can see my short animation here, made in a hurry in a day www.e4.com/skins)
underbluemoon11:23am: Beth interview from The Times
February 04, 2007

Queen Beth

the story - cut for lengthCollapse )

Originally here

1st January 2007

rose_kolodny9:43pm: What Are These Chores Of Which You Speak?
Anything is better than working, especially scouting about YouChoob and finding a clip of The Gossip on Jonathon Ross (as mentioned previously by slidingdoor)!

Obviously, because it's a Tube video, the quality is not all that great and there isn't a Friday Night With Jonathon Ross BBC page to stream it from... I fear the call of video piracy- arrrr!
rose_kolodny10:33am: Tour Dates 2007
I went to Hogmanay at the ABC in Glasgow and they had posters up for The Gossip playing there on the 27th of February.

UK Tour Dates 2007
London 24th February @ Astoria
Manchester 25th February @ Academy 2
Leeds 26th February @ Met University
Glasgow 27th February @ ABC

12th December 2006

rose_kolodny8:48pm: Sweet Mercy! More Gossip!
There is also a video for Listen Up! on YouChoob, but the resolution isn't very good. If someone knows of linkage to a higher quality video then I'd love to have it. Er... obviously because it enhances the music and not because certain girls hitting cowbells are totally hawt.

Incidentally, how amazing is the haircut of the blonde girl dancing in the room? There are not enough girls with funky Tank Girlesque hair in the world. I think I might write to my MP and complain...

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